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Things Are Going to Change
by Helen Edelman September 7, 2016

One thing that’s never going to change is that things are going to change. You can count on the certainty that you will be challenged by transitions – whether positive, such as the birth of a child or winning the lottery, or negative, such as a death or job loss.

A forced transition can cause anxiety and unhappiness. If a change is voluntary, if you see opportunity and take the risk, the transition can be freeing. Some transitions come from changing behavior, like reestablishing routines after summer, some from changing beliefs, when new information forces you to re-assess an attitude. Some people find change exciting, some, harrowing.
The experience is highly personal and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to process change. But, there are definitely outcomes that can be more or less healthy or productive, depending on whether you welcome change or resist it, whether you view transition as leaving something behind, or embracing the new norm. So, as you transition into a new relationship, employment status, transportation route, point of view … whatever, remember that life is a continually shifting accumulation of experiences. You can’t always control change, but you can learn to manage your reactions to it. Experiencing difficulty adjusting? Talk to your health provider about getting help putting things into perspective.


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Times Union - Edited and written by Helen Edelman

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