Don’t Forget to Rest – Benita Zhan, 08/17/16

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Don’t Forget to Rest – Benita Zhan, 08/17/16
Benita Zhan

“Rest never hurts.” That’s what my husband, a former coach and semi-pro baseball player, often reminds me when my body is exhausted from training. It’s tough for athletes to take a break. Especially the elites. There’s the mindset that just a little more will be worth the effort. But the body does need time to recover and rebuild. And everyone is looking for that edge to be their best. That’s what’s behind the appeal of cupping. Developed thousands of years ago, it involves suction to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward. It’s sort of an inverse massage. Practitioners say it increases blood flow, relieves pain and removes toxins. Vascular surgeon Dr. Manish Mehta tells me there is no hard research proving the efficacy of cupping, but there’s no downside beyond the bruising. He does warn that when cupping is done in conjunction with acupuncture, there is the potential for infection, so be sure to choose a reputable practitioner. Bottom line, if you don’t mind the resulting marks and it makes you feel better, try it. But don’t forget to rest.

-Benita Zhan

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