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June High Point
by admin July 28, 2016

June High Point: My granddaughter Cyra, now 4-and-three-quarters (she is very specific about this) was visiting for a few days and she had asked to sleep with me, Mimi, a dream come true for me and a surprise to her mother, as Cyra doesn’t often crawl in with her parents. I was honored.

The next morning, we found “My Pretty Pony” on Netflix and chilled with snacks – all verboten activities at home. Lolling about, watching TV in bed, cartoons outside the permitted media hour and eating in bed! So many taboos broken at once. So many routines derailed. It was a little thrilling, let me tell you!
Then came the Big Moment: She turned to me, wide-eyed and wise and observed – straight from the heart – “You’re never mad at me, and I’m never mad at you!” Fireworks ignited in my heart! I am so doing my job of loving this little person thoroughly and obviously and she gets it – the safe-place-unconditional-love thing. My daughter and her husband can make the rules; Cyra and I can break the rules, but only, in turns out, at my house. At theirs, I have accepted and signed much stricter terms and conditions for when I am left in charge. And I can live with that, because my relationships with Cyra, and now little Sloane, at 18 months, have exceeded by far my needs and expectations for the purest and most powerful meaning of relational experience: affectionate, loyal, cooperative, compassionate, companionable, reliable, playful, spontaneous, generous, educational, valued, nurturing, intimate, good-humored, respectful and satisfying. And there’s no worry on anybody’s part that she might say or do the wrong thing and ruin the moment or the relationship. We make every moment count, every moment a pleasure. Cyra and Sloane Friedlander, I am grateful for our healthy relationships and the grace you bring to life.

– Helen Susan Edelman, LiveSmart Project Director, livesmart@classroomenrichment.org; www.facebook.com/crlivesmart

Times Union - Edited and written by Helen Edelman

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